What We Do

In-Home Services

Your Personal Manager intuitively anticipates your home needs by providing a whole host of in-home services according to your settings and preferences – no more dusty shelves, unwashed dishes, and going to work in crumpled clothes while you come home to spotless floors, fresh flowers and clean bedsheets.

Wifi Set-Up & Subscription

Grocery Shopping

Bill Payment

Package Pickup

Home Cleaning


Washing & Drying


Plant Care

Fresh Flowers

Concierge & Lifestyle Services

Our network of trusted partners are devoted to providing a full suite of concierge services to give you back the luxury of time.

Our carefully selected lifestyle specialists offer their array of expertise to craft your lifestyle experiences designed with your needs and desires in mind.

Dry Cleaning

Maintenance & Repair Works

Spa Sessions

Yoga & Fitness Classes

Pet Care



Wine & Dine

Private Events


What Our Technology Does

We make sure that help is on hand always by combining deep human expertise with advanced technology engineered to become your lifestyle assistant at your service 24/7/365.

Speed & Convenience

Secure Payment

Accountability & Traceability

Customised Experience

Don’t Do It Yourself Anymore

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